Why Do Men Cheat?

7 Mar

We’ve all heard spouse cheating stories about our favorite celebrity, the guy down the street or even a coworker or friend who is cheating. In fact, I had just heard a story about a women who went to visit her husband at work because it was his birthday only she was the one surprised at the new position his secretary was teaching him. Completely distraught, the girl left the cheating man that very day because not only had he broken her heart, but she had instantly lost all of her trust and confidence in him. Men cheating on their wives is not a new phenomenon in the US and according to Catalogs as been on the rise in the last ten years. So, why do men cheat on their wives and can your marriage last an affair?

Why Men Cheat On Their Wives And What You Can Do About It

1-      No Sex At Home- Some men cheat on their wives because their sex life at home has gone south. If a man is constantly asking for sex and his wife is always turning him down, he will eventually go elsewhere to get some satisfaction. My advice here is that even if you’re not in the mood, you should still have sex a couple times a week because it will help you feel more sexual and help you release tension as well as satisfy him. If there’s no way that you’re getting into the mood try to get some therapy to find out why. Maybe you’re under a lot of stress (in which case sex is good for that too) or maybe there’s something else going on, but the sooner you find out why you’re not up to it the better.

2-      Sex At Home Is Boring- Let’s face it, you’ve been married for ten years and the sex is definitely not as exciting as it used to be. If he’s bored, there’s a chance that he’ll stray to find someone new and exciting simply because it’s fun.  But who says it has to be like this? It takes two to tango so get off your butt and spice things up. Tell him to dress up, do a lap dance, get some toys or do it every room of the house the way you did when you first got together.

3-      Ego- Married men who cheat also do it for an ego boost. Maybe your guy is in the middle of a midlife crisis and no longer feels like the handsome guy that you married or maybe he feels that you’re just not into him anymore. Whatever the reason that he needs an ego boost, it all goes back to him needing to feel desired so simply put, all you have to do here is to make him feel wanted and attractive.

4-      Age And Beauty- Fact: we all grow older and sometimes may not take the best of care of ourselves after we have kids. If your man is no longer attracted to you he may be tempted to go out and get a young pretty girlfriend. Since you obviously can’t stop from aging, the only thing that you can do is to take care of yourself. Although it may be difficult to dress nicely when you have one kid hanging on to your leg and another one throwing mashed potatoes at your hair, if it makes your husband happy to see you wearing a cute dress then do it- even if it’s just when he’s around. With all of the responsibilities that you have at home and at work this will sometimes be difficult, but its good to do because when you you look good you also feel better about yourself so you’re doing something that’s good for you and for him. If he still cheats, then he’s just an idiot and we can safely say that while you care about his needs, he may not care for, respect or love you.

5-      He doesn’t love you anymore- While it may be painful for him to leave you, he still wants you in his life and so he cheats. Unfortunately, this doesn’t solve any problems and may create new ones therefore ending in a divorce anyway. There’s no advice that I can give you here because although you may work like crazy at your relationship, sometimes people grow apart. Personally, I can’t be with someone who doesn’t love me.

6-      Because She Cheated- Yes women cheat, and the men who they hurt may want to get revenge. While this is not the best way to go about things, some people simply need to get the pain, hurt and anger off of their chest and this is the best way they know how. My advice here is that you should go to therapy before it gets even more out of hand.

There are many other reasons that men cheat, but I was getting a bit depressed thinking about it so I stopped listing them. Is there hope for your marriage after your husband cheated on you? Of course! Find out what the underlying causes are and deal with them. The best way to get through this time is to talk out your issues, maybe get some therapy and to forgive.

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