What Makes Me Happy?

28 Feb

How many times have you asked yourself this question! And how many times, it seemed that the correct answer was so obvious! For complete happiness which you lack, you need a turquoise skirt from an expensive store, the latest Chanel shoes, a promotion at work and most of all, a reliable, loving man. However, as soon as you get the missing item(s), you begin to realize that you do not have something else … and without this thing, the taste of happiness has no flavor to it and so the cycle begins. As soon as we get what we want, we find another object of desire and the desire to possess this new thing becomes a new meaning of happiness that seems indispensable only because it is not ours yet. And it goes on and on….To become happier, you need to break that circuit.

I will not go deep into the philosophy and look for the deep psychological roots of happiness. We’ll let graduates with philosophy majors’ deal with this. Instead, we’ll try to create a recipe for a simple female happiness which is a primitive necessity for girls dealing with the bustle of a daily routine.
So, let’s start:
1.Take the day off from work and do not be ashamed to let you let yourself be lazy today! Enjoy your freedom, while everyone else is dealing with the routine! Do not spoil your day by feeling guilty because you’re unproductive. Remember – today is the day of your happiness!
2. Go to the store. Shopping, ladies, does wonders to our mood. However, today you will not spend hours wandering around among the counters and will not try everything on. Today you need to buy yourself something that you had long dreamed of without doubting or thinking though your purchase. Remember, this purchase is exactly what you need to be happy today-so go ahead! I promise that you’ll feel great. If you want to keep this feeling for at least a day, you need to hurry up and immediately leave the store after making the purchase so that you don’t see something else you really want.  When you arrive home try your new clothes on. The feeling of physical freedom from the old clothing and freshness and perfection of a new outfit will force you to feel like a sexy, beautiful goddess.
3. Do something that you have not done for a while and really enjoy doing, but never have enough time to do. Always wanted to play solitaire on the computer – go ahead! Or maybe you just have not laid on the couch with a delicious donut in the left hand and the remote control in the right? Today is the right day for this! Don’t worry, you’ll go to the gym tomorrow and sweat the calories off!

How do you feel now? Are you almost happy?  Then it’s time to take “almost happy” and turn it into “quite happy”.

Now close your eyes. Think of who would you like to spend an evening with? It doesn’t really matter if it is a man or a woman, a coworker or a good friend. The main thing that matters to you at this moment is that it would be really nice to spend some time with this person and be in his/hers company. Now pick up a phone and call that person.

In the evening, lay in bed, try to relax and think about what you are missing right now to be even happier. Starting tomorrow it will become your new goal. But from now on it will not be unachievable because today you saw how easy it is to conquer your desires. And it will not interfere with your happiness. Because you’re already happy…. Today, right now … And tomorrow …

As you see recipe for happiness for one day is simple. Maybe all you have to do is just slightly change the usual gray day. But if you want to start feeling happier every day just try not to change the world, but the way you look at it.


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2 Responses to “What Makes Me Happy?”

  1. Julie March 5, 2011 at 5:57 am #

    I tried doing what you suggested and it actually worked. Thank you.

    • spontaneouschick March 7, 2011 at 2:37 pm #

      Happy to be of service! There’s nothing like a good shopping spree to make you feel better.