Ladies’ Friendship

25 Feb

Female friendship! When men hear these words, they immediately begin to smile ironically. Women, of course, instantly throw themselves into dispute, arguing that the female friendship is real and long lasting! I was curious to discuss this topic with you – what is female friendship and how does it differ from the friendship in general.

Friendship Between Families:

Generally, to have a friendship between between two or more families is a good thing. You can spend weekends together, babysit each others kids, go to the movies together or throw a barbecue party. How great! How about celebrating holidays together? One time have a party in your house, and the next – in hers.

However, you give your husband a dirty look when he starts praising your girlfriend’s cooking skills. Perhaps he gave her a compliment about her vulgar attire and didn’t even look at your beautiful outfit! Then all of the sudden you start comparing yourself to your friends and may feel a bit jealous of them. What then?

Childhood Friendship:

This type of friendship occurs when you grow up with each other and help you to develop emotionally and socially.  As friends, you do many activities together: you share toys , you draw together, learn to ride bikes and do other fun activities. But then your parents compare you to your best friend-  she helps around the house more, her room is always clean, she gets better grades and so on. With age, such comparisons make it increasingly difficult to ignore, especially when boys start noticing your girlfriend but not you. However, little details such as these, as annoying as they are don’t necessarily end the children’s friendship. In most cases the kids grow up and remain friends or separate for other reasons.

Genuine Friendship:

Many of us experienced this type of friendship: you have a best friend with whom you share the most intimate secrets and your dreams. You can trust that person deeply and there is nothing that can destroy that friendship.  Nothing? Or let’s say- nobody? That’s right – a man! When there is a dilemma between your best friend’s feeling and a guy, who we really like, we often choose a man. This “mistake” can lead to a big argument with your good friend and now you feel that you are at serious risk that your secrets will be published in the local newspaper.

But does it mean that female friendship is unstable and insincere? Or does it mean that you can’t rely on your girlfriend in difficult times? Not at all! Just think of all the times when you were in trouble or in tears, and your girlfriend rushed over to help you, calm you down or give you good advice.  A true friend will always be there for you in the good and bad times, and although there may be times when one is jealous of the other, she will always want what’s best for you.

What do you think? Does friendship among women exist?

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