Young Survival Coalition

15 Feb

A friend of mine told me about Young Survival Coalition which is a site that specializes in helping young women with cancer. YSC was started by three young women, all who were diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 35 and found that there was a great need to educate young women about the challenges that they were sure to face. With this in mind, these courageous women set out to give information about treatment, diet, research and other important factors to young breast cancer patients, caregivers and doctors.

What I hadn’t realized before visiting their site is that the young women who are diagnosed with breast cancer have to deal with issues that older women don’t. They may face having problems such as getting pregnant later on or going through an early menopause and so need to learn about what to do to help reduce the risks. Rather than get discouraged, the founders took this as an opportunity to get into the community and lend a helping hand and support the women who are in need. They have over locations all the US which welcome women under the age of 40 to connect together and get support.

If you or anyone you know has been diagnosed with breast cancer and need information, want to donate or simply want to get inspired by some moving survival stories check this site. In my opinion it’s a resource that every young woman should know about.




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