Women Bullying Women

15 Feb

It’s understandable to have clicks in high school and to have other girls bully you. Teenagers go through a lot of changes and are somewhat immature at times. However, how do you deal with office bullying by another woman? While men are equal opportunists in the matter and yell at or put down both women and men, 80% of women tend to target other women. These women feel that the victim will not fight back and so they will look better to others.

In addition to this it’s more difficult for some women to see themselves as part of a team in the office. Because they entered the workforce much later than men, they try to prove themselves in a more aggressive manner and care more about their own growth and acceleration up the corporate ladder than the growth and wellbeing of the team. So if they mistreat another women in the office, they see it as a tool that will help them to get ahead and possibly to take over the victim’s job.

The victim on the other hand can and will only take so much harassment. While most women tend to keep quiet due to a fear of losing their job, eventually, they will fight back, leave or possibly even break down mentally. Here are a few ways to stop bullying at work:

  • Talk to a friend or a therapist so that you can get some of the stress off of your mind.
  • Acquire evidence by collecting emails and other messages.
  • Get your coworkers to pay attention so that they can testify on your behalf.
  • Go to human resources or to management and file a complaint. This is where the evidence and witnesses will be useful to you.
  • In front of witnesses answer back and show the bully the same ruthlessness that she has shown you.

To get more information on the percentages of women bullies, please go to WorkPlaceBullying.org


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