Some First Gyno Visit Stories: As Told By Virgins

14 Feb

A long, long time ago a few of friends were talking about their first gynecological visit.  Each girl went to a different doctor and each one had a different experience.

During her first gyno exam, Amy had trouble getting into position to do the exam. Things were a little tight down there and Amy was petrified of the whole process. After a while, the doctor asked Amy why she couldn’t relax and upon learning that Amy was a virgin, she wore a huge smile on her face and almost yelled ‘that’s great!’ After that everything went smoothly and Amy enjoyed a long lasting relationship with the one and only lady who was ever allowed to probe her.

Jess asked her doctor to be careful because she was a virgin. The doctor smiled and said that if she was worried about the hymen, it probably broke a long time ago while she was playing sports, riding a bike or horseback riding. A couple of minutes later, Jess heard the doctor say “Nope, it’s still there,” then he smiled and congratulated her. Even though there was nothing traumatic about her experience, she wasn’t interested in going to the gyno for a long time after that.

When Julia’s doctor realized that she was 17 years old and a virgin, she lectured her about how she’s an adult and it’s time she becomes sexually active- although she should use her common sense and use protection. Julia was mortified and switched to a male doctor over the age of fifty because she felt that he would probably be a little more conservative.

Although all three girls had a different experience during her first visit to the gynecologist, all three started out scared out of their minds and to this day get very nervous about their checkups. In fact they’re so shaken up and embarrassed about it that after each checkup they meet up to treat themselves to some ice cream. It makes me wonder, do men feel the same way after a prostate exam?

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One Response to “Some First Gyno Visit Stories: As Told By Virgins”

  1. Liz February 14, 2011 at 5:38 pm #

    These are great stories. I can surely relate. I was in my late 20′s when I lost my virginity.