A Review Of The Mediterranean Almond Line by Boots

9 Feb

I’ve been reading a lot about the benefits of almond oil lately. Almond oil helps to moisturize dry itchy skin, it helps to improve your complexion and it delays aging. Well, it’s super cold here and I want to slow down the aging process so my skin needs all the help. As luck would have it, I was shopping with my sister when I saw the Mediterranean Almond Body Scrub by Boots. The container said that the scrub contained organic almond, pistachio and olive oil which is great because olive oil is also good for your skin. While I was choosing between the body scrub and the body wash, a saleswoman came over and told me that I can buy the three piece set which also includes a body cream for the same price as two of the products. Considering that I’ve spent an insane amount of money on beauty products another $20 won’t hurt.

Final verdict- I loved it!! After one use my skin felt silky smooth and the feeling lasted a couple of days. In addition to how great it works, the Mediterranean Almond Body line smells so incredible that I wanted to grab a spoon and dig in.

Visit the Boots site to find out more about the Mediterranean line or to read about the organic ingredients that they use to make the products.

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